Mitsubishi Electric

New Zealands quietest heat pumps.

Classic GE Series 1

Starting from barely a whisper, the Classic GE Series includes New Zealand`s quietest indoor heat pumps ever! The classic, neutral design will suit any home and they are super efficient with all GE models earning the Energy Star® mark.
Designer Series 2

Created to suit even those with the most discerning style. With elegant, clean lines the Designer Series is available in a glossy black, matte silver or classic white – complementing your home’s decor and existing appliances.
HyperCore® Series 3

Designed specifically for our winter conditions, HyperCore is New Zealand`s best performing heat pump in cold conditions, guaranteed to perform at its peak capacity in outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C
Light Commercial Series

The large capacity Light Commercial Series is both elegant and compact. With greater placement options and high airflow they are ideal for both large residential and light commercial use.



Deciding is made easy now by following these steps.

Choose the type of heat pump for your needs

Start by seeing what types of heat pumps are available. There are different styles of hi-walls and home central heating systems. Many have different features too – such as self-cleaning filters, healthy air filters, temperature sensor controls – so you will want to look through, and then decide which appeals to you.

Decide which area of your home you want heated

Again, there are single room or area heat pumps (most commonly used), or multi-systems that can heat several rooms at a time. If you want to heat a large area or areas, you need an efficient heater with lower running costs, so it may make sense to pay more for the model and its installation needed, because it will pay off in the long term.

Make sure you will get the Right Size heater

This is probably the single most important step. If the heat pump is too small for the area, it may be a little cheaper to buy in the short term, but it will cost so much more to run as it will be working too hard. It will also defrost too often. If you buy a model too big for your needs, then you will be paying too much for inefficient use. This is where we South City Heat Pumps, as An Accredited Consultant, can assist you in determining the correct size for your needs. 

Arrange with us for consultation

The next step is to obtain advice and quotes from us – we are professionals that have been accredited by the manufacturer, because we have demonstrated that we use the correct equipment, training and expertise, to install your new heat pump as required, and using sound practices.